Recover the data
from your Hard Drive!

Capacity: less than 1.5TB

+ Free Urgent Diagnosis

+ Only pay if data is recovered


5-7 DAYS

The standard service responds to the needs of individuals who suffer the loss of their data.


USD$ 299.00


24-48 HOURS

The urgent service responds to the urgent need of individuals who suffer the loss of their data and need it quickly.


USD$ 499.00

Additional charges:


* For uncovered devices: Economic Service (USD$ 10.00 non-refundable), Standard Service (USD$ 29.00 non-refundable). In the urgent service, a non-refundable deposit of USD$ 45.00 is required and for uncovered devices, USD$ 28.00 non-refundable. The special service requires a non-refundable USD$ 90.00 deposit & for uncovered devices USD$ 28.00 non-refundable. Donor hard drive and data copy hard drive are not included. After entering the device, the cancellation of the service for any reason ( except in cases that require parts) has a cost of USD$ 10.00. For formatted and deleted cases the payment is in advance and non-refundable.


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Santo Domingo, 10122

Dominican Republic.


  • Monday-Friday:  8:00 am - 6:00 pm;

  • Saturday:            9:00 am - 1:00 pm.


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