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Recover what was lost

In record time!


Do you think your data is safe?


We have performed experiments in our laboratory, buying several used hard drives, and we have realized that people sell their hard drives and do not have the notion that their data is still on their hard drives. Basically, if you sell your hard drive and do a quick format, you think you have erased the data. This is incorrect, we have managed to recover data from used hard drives with important information from users such as credit cards, personal data, passports among others.


We also purchase hard drives that are physically damaged and are only for recycling.


  • Discs with broken or burned electronic card;

  • Hard drives with physical damage after falls;

  • Discs that do not turn on due to engine problems;

  • Hard drives with many bad sectors that do not go up to the operating system.


We have recovered data in all these scenarios with important information. We offer these services with strict confidentiality.


We recommend using our data deletion or destruction services. You can bring us your hard drives and the data will be permanently deleted. We will deliver a certificate with the processes performed.


If you need more information about our services contact us.

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