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Steps to request data recovery:

1. Choose a service;

2. Prepare the device; 

​3. Fill out the form;

4. Wait for our response. 


Data Recovery RD (Carlos Marmolejos)
Tiradentes Avenue, esq. President González. Plaza Galerías de Naco, local C-4, 
Santo Domingo, 10122 
Dominican Republic



Collection Address

Package Data

Press the button for instructions:

Press the button for instructions:


Please enter the device type, brand, model and serial number

Tell us what are the most important files to recover

* It is very useful if you indicate the specific names and file locations

How did you lose access to data?

After the recovery, you will be provided with the option of receiving  the data via Internet to up to 100GB. Otherwise, you must provide a copy hard disk for data delivery. If you do not have a copy disc, you will be presented with the option to purchase one in our store (request the available models and capacities).

Rules to provide your own copy hard drive:

1) Send us an empty disk. The copy hard drive will be formatted (all your data will be permanently deleted) before we start copying the recovered data.

2) If your transfer unit is too small or defective (that is, it contains bad sectors, it presents errors when copying the data, etc.), we will transfer your data to the smallest disk that we have for sale.

3) The drive must be an external hard drive (with USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt) or an empty SATA hard drive.


4) The copy hard disk cannot be a NAS drive (with an Ethernet connection).


5) The copy hard disk must be sent with the device to be recovered (to avoid delays in the process). If you do not include a hard disk for copying with your damaged disk, we will copy your data to the smallest disk that we have for sale.


6) The unit must have a size equal to or larger than the defective unit (you can send a smaller unit, but, if it is not large enough to store all your data, we will transfer your data to the smallest unit we have to the sale).

Urgent service: We offer urgent service for customers who need to have their data recovered in the shortest possible time.

The payment of the additional amount for urgent service guarantees that your hard disk will be given priority. Usually, the time it takes is 1 to 2 days, your data may even be recovered in just a few hours; This will depend on the failure of your device and the amount of data to be recovered.

What kind of service do you require?

For more information on the types of service, see the button below.

Press the submit button to enter your form. After submitting the form, you will be redirected to the instructions on how to pack your device; You will also receive an email with a copy of the form you just completed.

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