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Recover what was lost

In record time!

At Data Recovery, we are experts in recovering data from RAID arrays, NAS servers, and servers. 


Our engineers have recovered hundreds of RAID arrays in record time. With us your data will be available in the shortest possible time. Data recovery from RAID arrays requires highly experienced staff. We handle a vast experience and skills to recover the data of our clients as soon as possible.


In the recovery of data from RAID arrays, it is necessary to recover data from IDE, SATA, SAS and SCSI hard drives, cases with physical failures, firmware failures and logical failures.


RAID disk arrays are commonly used by organizations to have efficient data management with a fault-tolerant storage system. It is understood that RAID computers are fault-tolerant but the reality is that they are vulnerable to data loss.


If you want to recover the data in your RAID array, the best way to deal with a failure is to leave it as is and call Data Recovery for proper evaluation and recovery of your data; These are really complex equipment and you can run the risk of losing your data if you put it in the hands of inexperienced people.

Data Recovery Servers and RAID Arrays

Common failures in RAID:


  • RAID controller card failure;

  • Lost RAID configuration;

  • Accidental configuration;

  • Accidental restart of RAID array;

  • Multiple disk failure;

  • RAID partitions missing;

  • RAID partitions formatted;

  • Virus attack.

NAS server data recovery

In Data Recovery we specialize in data recovery of all types of RAID arrays on the market including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10 and we can handle other configurations. We can recover your data, even if other recovery methods or other data recovery companies have failed in their attempt to recover the data. Our qualified staff is always willing to retrieve as much information as possible from any RAID array configuration on a server, Disk Box or NAS server.


In many cases the intervention of some unqualified personnel causes failures in RAID arrangements. Normally customers and computer technicians try to solve the fault by themselves, and as a result they aggravate the failure and as a result it becomes impossible to recover the data.

Data recovery from raid 0 raid 1 raid 5 raid 10 raidz raid 6

RAID disk array recovery process:

  1. First, an initial diagnosis is made in the RAID array of disks to determine the cause of the failure, if it is a logical or physical failure.

  2. If the fault allows it, we provide a list of the recoverable data along with the service budget.

  3. After authorization of the service, the data is extracted and the data delivered in the shortest possible time.

Effective process in data recovery
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