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Recover what was lost

In record time!

We recover deleted data or damaged devices such as:

  • Any USB drive & Pen Drive

  • Any Flash Card, Camera Card and Digital Media

  • SD card, Micro SD, SDHC and Flash drive.

  • Mobile phones (Cellular), MicroSD, Memory Cards.

  • IPhone, IPod, Android, PDAs or Smart-phone Recovery.

  • Compact digital cards or Memory Stick with Wifi connection (Sony Memory Stick Recovery)

  • Any MiniSD, MicroSD, Micro SD, SanDisk Wireless

  • Lexar Media, Sandisk Media or any other Brand of Storage Device.


We offer data recovery service for all types of USB storage, from USB sticks to CF cards and any device for storing photos and videos including cell phones or smartphones. We recover devices with logical and physical damages.


Most of the time the damages are related to: broken connections, bent tips, NAND chips, damaged motherboards or internal device failures. We recover the data directly from the chips that store data in cases where the main controller has failed.

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