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Recover what was lost

In record time!

Our data recovery laboratory provides the recovery of a wide range of solid-state drives that operate MLC or SLC NAND flash memory technologies for all brands and models of laptops and notebooks.


SSDs are different from hard drives, solid-state storage devices have no moving parts, this creates the wrong impression that data is much safer in SSD.

msata hard drive data recovery

Technologically, SSDs have a higher vulnerability to some defects than typical hard drives are not so vulnerable this includes sudden loss of energy, magnetic fields, and electrical charges compared to normal hard drives. Something important about the SSD is that the written number has been limited to a cell or chip that does not exist on hard drives.

M2 SSD Drive Data Recovery

Due to the nature of the controller chip itself, the manufacturing and programming of the chips, each flash situation, and each SSD recovery is unique.


After determining what would be necessary to complete the recovery of the solid state unit, we will contact you. As soon as the recovery is approved, we will continue with the recovery efforts, validate the data and place it in a secure unit, either another unit or SSD unit or any other procedure of your choice.

Recuperación de datos disco SSD WD BLUE
Kingston SSD data recovery

SSDs use controllers to manage data; in our laboratory, we are equipped with software/hardware tools to extract data directly from the data chips where it is stored to avoid interruption of the main controller.


It is a complicated and time-consuming process, in which first we have to remove the chips from the PCB or printed circuit board and then read them one by one and then join them all using a method based on algorithms used by the manufacturers of SSD disks.

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