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Recover what was lost

In record time!

We recover data from any type of damaged file: Microsoft Office, most database files, "even password-protected" ZIP files, email files such as PST OST EDB files and many more.


We offer several recovery options for databases on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Databases.

  • Microsoft SQL.

  • Microsoft Office.

  • SharePoint.

  • Microsoft Visual.

  • Fox Pro DBF.

  • Corel.

  • Paradox.

  • SAP Sybase.

  • Oracle.

  • MySQL.

  • File Maker.

  • IBM, Lotus Notes.

  • Microsoft BizTalk.

  • and more...

Data recovery from faulty databases

Causes of loss of information in the databases:


  • Hardware damage: database data loss occurs at the storage device level such as hard disk, SAN or RAID;

  • File system damage: Controlled by the operating system, the system stores database files and organizes system and user files;

  • Individual file damage: File recovery may be necessary as data loss may occur within the file itself if the internal structure is corrupt.

Database Recovery Process




  • Extract information if the storage device is not operating.

  • Adjust or repair the file system structure to allow access to the database files.

  • Recover RAW database fragments and rebuild the database files.




  • Analyze the internal structure of the database with our custom software.

  • Report which files are recoverable (tables and rows, mailboxes, etc.), including data from the deleted database.

  • Extract data from the corrupted database.

Data recovery from inaccessible files
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