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Data recovery 
Video surveillance systems

CCTV/DVR Data Recovery

With digital video data recovery services  You can recover video recordings from storage devices in any state, even in situations where the recorded videos are inaccessible or cannot be exported from the DVR. DVR data recovery involves recovering video recordings stored on hard drives that may have been accidentally formatted, deleted, damaged, overwritten, or erased.


+DR Data Recovery is the leading data recovery company in the Caribbean. Our research and development team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in any CCTV DVR data loss situation.

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We offer CCTV/DVR Data Recovery services for All Makes and Models. If the video recordings are damaged, lost, formatted or corrupted, don't worry! We can recoverpearr CCTV/DVR/NVR recordings under various circumstances, such as:

  • CCTV DVR or NVR failure

  • Accidental formatting of hard drive on CCTV

  • Hard drive failure on CCTV or DVR

  • Physical or mechanical failure in hard drives

  • Corrupted hard drive and video recordings

  • Files overwritten on the DVR or intentional deletion

  • virus attack

  • software corruption

  • Power outages

  • Accidental fall from a great height

  • Fire, water, heat or smoke damage

  • Unintentional deletion of recordings

  • hard drive head failure

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We have successfully recovered lost and damaged data and recordings from hard drives of various faulty or inoperable video surveillance systems. Some of the CCTV, DVR and NVR brands we recover include:

  • Alba Urmet

  • ANRAN Xiaomi Smart CCTV

  • CP Plus

  • D3D

  • Dahua

  • ESSL


  • Focus Vision

  • Godrej

  • Hikvision

  • Honeywell

  • Mi

  • Panasonic

  • Puffin

  • Samsung

  • Secure Vision

  • Sony

  • Tianmin

  • ThinkValue

  • TP-link

  • TVT


  • Zebronics



To handle DVR hard drive data recovery professionally and avoid permanent data loss, it is important to follow some tips:

  • If the hard drive is damaged due to moisture, please do not uncover or plug it in, please contact our data recovery company.

  • If you hear unusual noises coming from the DVR's storage hard drives, stop using the camera, as this could be a sign of physical damage.

  • If the CCTV/DVR displays a failure message, please do not try to repair it by yourself.

  • If your CCTV/DVR is damaged by fire, our team can recover data from such damage.

       If you require additional information, please contact us 

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