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How to pack the hard drive to send it by courier service, for data recovery service.

Use the original packaging of your device, if possible. Otherwise, packaging materials can be obtained at any packaging store or you can use alternate materials.


You must include all the necessary adapters with Western Digital and Iomega units, which could play a fundamental role in accessing encrypted data when recovery is complete.



How to pack a hard drive.


Step 1: Carefully remove the hard drive from the machine.


Step 2: Place the hard drive in an anti-static bag to protect the unit from electrostatic discharge. If you cannot locate an anti-static cover, you can use wax paper, sausage plastic.


Step 3: Wrap the unit in several layers of bubble paper or some material that protects it from impacts, at least 3 or 4 layers for better protection against shock.


Step 4: Place the unit in a cardboard box that is not too small or too large.

Step 5: Put in a form with your contact details and description of the hard disk problem.


Step 6:  Seal the box with a tape and stick the label with the shipping address.


Step 7:  Send us the package by courier of your choice. Note: Use well-known couriers such as, Fedex, UPS or DHL.


Step 8: Send us the shipping number (Tracking number) to the address


When we receive your hard drive, our customer service representative will contact you.

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