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Terms and Conditions

The device will remain at the CYBERRAM SRL facilities under the following conditions:

1. The CYBERRAM SRL Company (Data Recovery) is in charge of recovering your data and saving non-accessible information, studying each case and applying the most appropriate recovery method, ensuring at all times the maximum confidentiality of the data and treating them with the utmost professionalism.

2. CONFIDENTIALITY: In  Data Recovery we are committed to keeping the client's data strictly confidential and I absolutely agree to the NO disclosure of any information or data files supplied or recovered from the client's computer.

3. LEGAL RIGHTS: The client is the legal owner, representative and in any case legitimately responsible for all the information contained in the storage devices sent to Data Recovery.


  • Patient device / hard disk: it is the defective device entered by the client, to which the recovery process will be carried out.

  • Donor Device / Hard Disk: it is a device used to replace defective parts of the patient, it must have the same characteristics of the patient.

  • Device / Hard Drive for data copying: It is a device used to transfer the recovered data, it can be provided by the client or quoted by Data Recovery.

  • Recovery: Any data extracted from the device is recovered information, whether with its original names or not.




  • The client authorizes Data Recovery employees and technicians to receive, transport and manipulate their storage device to and from their laboratories (remove labels, screws, warranty seals and any part necessary for the execution of the service.)

  • The customer is aware that the recovery process on devices with monolithic memories is usually destructive because the cases must be completely disassembled (SD, MicroSD, CompactFlash, Pendrives, Tablets, Ipad, cell phones, etc.)


  • By entering your device, you agree to pay the budgeted rate and authorize us to retrieve the data contained therein. In addition, you understand and agree that the device or media may require replacement of parts. When this happens, we will inform you of the cost of the DONOR DEVICE, which must be paid in advance and this amount IS NOT REFUNDABLE whether or not the data contained is recovered.

  • Data Recovery is committed to recovering all the data allowed by the failure of the device.  


We will send you a List of Recoverable Files by mail.

After verifying the information by the client,  To obtain the data, you must pay for the service using one of the payment methods offered by the company. After receiving the payment we will start copying the data,  At the end of this process, you can proceed to withdraw or request the  sending the recovered information.


A report will be sent indicating the causes that prevented the recovery process

The client will be requested to final disposition of the device and the client must proceed to collect the device within 1-3 business days. From the fourth day, a fine of RD $ 300.00 per day (storage costs) is applied and after 14 working days without removing the device, it goes to our free recycling system.



  • The Client agrees to pay the full cost of the service before delivery of the recovered data, The client will not be able to withdraw the recovered data if he has not completed 100% of the payment of the service.

  • After recovering the data contained in the unit, if the client decides that he does not want the information, to remove the patient device he must pay 50% of the quoted budget.

    • If the recovery is carried out partially less than 80%  and the recovered data is not of interest to the client, he must make a payment of RD $ 2000, for labor at the time of picking up his patient device.


  • ** UNCOVERED DEVICES: If the hard drive was uncovered before entering the laboratory, RD $ 1,599.00 will be added to the recovery fee.

  • DONOR HARD DRIVE: Cost  of the donor hard drive will be established after the evaluation of the case, it IS NOT REFUNDABLE if after changing parts the case is not recoverable. NOTE: For certain cases, more than one donor hard drive applies to be able to perform the recovery.

  • DATA RECOVERY CANCELED:  After entering the device, the cancellation of the service for any reason, except physical damage, has a cost of RD $ 500.00

  • RANSOMWARE: The cost of the service will be established after the evaluation of the case and must be paid in advance, it is NOT REFUNDABLE

  • DATA DELETED, FORMAT, REINSTALLATION: prepayment of the corresponding amount, NON REFUNDABLE.

  • ENCRYPTED DATA: If the recovery process was performed and the device has ENCRYPTED DATA, it is the customer's responsibility to provide  the supports to decrypt the data, the payment of the service must be made in full even the  supports have not been provided.

  • In RAID arrangement it is charged for each hard disk.

  • SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS: To carry out the process it is necessary for the client to make a backup of the information contained, since the procedures of these can be invasive and the equipment may require a * factory reset * to be able to function again.

  • Diskettes and ZIP drives: The cost of recovering  Diskettes and ZIP drive is RD $ 1,140. Only standard service available  5-7 days.  

  • The Client accepts that if he does not pay for the service  and the parts provided by the Company, within 1-3 business days after the completion of the recovery process, the Customer will be charged a storage fee of RD $ 300 per day and after 14 business days without removing the device, it passes to our free recycling system.

  • The Client agrees that if the Company recovers 90% or more of the Client's data from a hard drive / device, it will pay the previously agreed fee.

  • SHIPPING SERVICE : NATIONAL: RD $ 500.00,  If the client wants the device to be delivered to his office or home or is outside the city, he must make the deposit when entering the patient device, this price is subject to change depending on the dimensions of the device.  INTERNATIONAL: The rate will be established at the time of shipment, price is subject to change depending on the dimensions of the device.

  • For international services, the return shipment of the device is not included in the cost of the service. If the patient device is required, the customer agrees to pay the shipping costs.  


  • Cash, certified check, credit or debit card, bank transfer.

  • Invoices will be issued when the payment of the service is made, if the client wants an invoice before, a proforma invoice will be issued.


  • If the client is a manufacturing or services company, telecommunications. Educational, medical, NGO or government sector and you are going to deliver a purchase order, you must formally request the credit application form and we will evaluate if the client applies to obtain credits.


  • If the customer delivers a storage device for data copying (which must be an external SATA hard drive), it must be EMPTY  or, otherwise, you must have previously made a backup of the data contained before sending it  to our  facilities; Data Recovery is NOT responsible for the information contained in the devices provided  by the customer for data copying.  

  • Network or NAS connection devices are not accepted.

  • If the customer requests it, Data Recovery can quote a device for data copying.

  • Customer agrees that if Customer does not provide a data backup hard drive (an external or SATA hard drive), or if the provided transfer drive is faulty or too small to copy all recovered data, Company automatically charges Customer by starting to move the data to a transfer unit that can accommodate all the recovered data.  


  • Regardless of the result of the recovery work, if the client wants the original data storage device to be returned, they must inform us in advance. NOTE: External USB hard drive enclosures are removed during the recovery process and discarded. 

  • Any device or support left under our responsibility  after 60 days from the date of receipt, your unit (s) and accessories will become the property of DATA RECOVERY  and will be recycled and / or destroyed and the data deleted. The client will not have the right to claims.  

The client is previously informed of all the above and CYBERRAM does not carry out any data recovery without having received the client's authorization.

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