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Recover what was lost

In record time!

Recover what was lost

We are the first laboratory in the Caribbean specialized in data recovery from all types of storage devices.

Why do we need to keep regular backups of our files?

A file loss incident is much more likely than you think and it happens every day to many people with very bad consequences.

Many of our clients call us and report problems such as the following:



All of the above are serious data losses and can cause major problems, as photos, company documents, our contacts, and anything digital we have means enough hours of work to be recreated.


The worst of course is when the data cannot be re-created with work, because it is unique.

For example, videos and photos or important and unique corporate files.

If you have a proper backup, then the above incidents don't worry you as you restore the copies and only lose a few hours and get on with your day. So if you are interested in learning how to backup right and for the software that we consider to be the best cloud backup for your case, read below.

Proper backup guide

At DR Data Recovery we specialize in cloud backup solutions, as we have seen many people lose their data.


Keep in mind that on the Internet you can find many solutions and perhaps cheaper or with more functions. But in DR Data Recovery, with a full experience in  data recovery  , we focus on tried and tested solutions, with reliable companies that work for years without problems.

Also let us inform you that we can take full care of setting up and monitoring your backup so you are always at peace.


What we highlight is not the backup and how impressive or cheap it is, but the recoverability .

That is, how easily and smoothly we can restore our data.

We tried a lot of solutions until we ended up offering you these Cloud Backup solutions and unfortunately to a large extent the cheap solutions we tested had a problem at the critical time when we wanted to do Restore.

Next, we will go through the basic backup rules that you need to know in order to perform a proper backup.

After knowing the basic rules of a correct backup, we will present the solution that we use in our company and we recommend it without reservation.

What is cloud backup and disaster recovery?

Let's start with the basics.

When we say backup in general, we mean the work of performing a  backup your critical files to another location  . That way, if something happens to your computer, you have a backup of your files and can restore them if your original data is not accessible. In theory, we all have in mind to back up our personal files and we have a plan for that.

In practice , however, things are different .

The biggest problems occur when:

  • We forgot for a long time to back up our files.

  • We do not know where we have saved our backup file

  • Our backup file doesn't work when we need it

  • We get a mess and together the backup file is destroyed

  • Our computer is infected with a Ransomware virus and at the same time the backup is infected or encrypted

  • The external or network drive that we have the backup copy has been damaged and we do not know it


The above issues are resolved with the Automated Cloud Backup solution.

Cloud Backup is practically an automated process that stores our files on computers of a reliable Data Center (company that hosts Servers) and that ensures that, whatever happens in our infrastructure, we have the ability to restore our files from there.

Of course, it ensures that our data is encrypted in the data center and that there is no risk of leakage.

How to get the proper backup?

The second computer law on backups, better known as Schofield's second law, says:


No files or data exist unless you have at least one copy.


There is no doubt that file backup is extremely important.

The question is whether the whole process is successful. Because there are always two ways of doing things: the right way and the wrong way.

In this article we will deal with the correct way, which contains 3 simple techniques that can ensure your intellectual work, the fruitful and free of technological problems your work and your company.

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