Offer quality and reliable service through which our customers can retrieve any information contained in their storage devices in the shortest possible time.


For this, our company manages the latest data recovery techniques. We have the only laboratory in the country class 100, in accordance with international standards. We have all the necessary equipment to deal with any recovery scenario.


Remain as a leading company in data recovery in the Dominican Republic, managing to offer an efficient service in all regions that cover the national territory and expand internationally.


For this, our specialists are in continuous technical training to meet the demands of the market and keep us updated with the technology day by day.



Our values ​​are:

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Commitment

  • Confidentiality

  • Efficiency


We are committed to our work. We keep strict confidentiality of our customers' data. If you need efficient data recovery, we are your solution.

Recuperacion de datos en la República Dominicana

We are pioneers in the data recovery service in the Dominican Republic


We have retrieved information from thousands of cases that have made our customers happy. Some examples of recovered cases are: files deleted by mistake or sabotage, devices, formatted by mistake or sabotage, hard drives damaged by physical failures (such as crashes), by logical failures (such as reinstalling windows), by electronic failures (such as high voltages), firmware failures; camera memories, data recovery from external disks, data recovery from Servers, NAS Servers and RAID Arrangements, and Data Recovery from DVR digital video recorders.


We guarantee the recovery of your data


We comply with the highest international standards in the professional exercise of data recovery and we are equipped with the most advanced data recovery technology in the Dominican Republic, to perform any technical data recovery procedure, if technically possible.


In addition, we have the support of our customers, both national and international. Our efficiency is reflected in what our customers say about us.


We care about our customers.


Send your data to a company that does not jeopardize the integrity of your data; Your information is unique and you may not have a second chance to recover it.


Our clients guarantee us; They have placed their trust in us since our inception. We have government clients, local products and services companies, multinational companies, financial, educational, religious institutions, NGOs and end customers.