Data Recovery Reception Points

Data Recovery Reception Points

Do you have a technology company and want to offer your customers the data recovery service?

We can help you!

Including our recovery services in your company is very easy, we just have to include it in our reception points program so that you can provide the solution to your customers who have data loss.


You should only receive the hard disk to your client and send it to our laboratory, in case you cannot send it, you can contact us for other options.

Our customer service staff will contact you and keep you updated on the process and the results of your data recovery.

We are currently working with companies established in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, and the United States; We are also open to business relationships with the other islands of the Caribbean and other countries in the world.


For information on how to join our team of reception points, send us an email to the address Info@datarecovery.com.do.