What is the International Association for Professional Data Recovery?

It is an International Association composed of qualified companies with the experience and certifications necessary to perform data recovery, according to international standards.

Why was this Association created?

  • To help organizations and individuals who have lost the data and indicate which companies are qualified to perform data recovery.

  • To ensure that the client is protected.

  • To give the customer confidence with quality.

  • To assure the client that the organization to which he is sending his data is, in fact, a professional data recovery company, with knowledge and experience in the area.

Only highly experienced members can qualify to join the association?

To be a member of this association, you must be previously selected by a committee, which evaluates that the technical criteria met and the professional experience of each member is adequate.

The committee approves or rejects membership, based on the experiences and certifications of engineers.

Why a committee?

In the market, there are a large number of companies that claim to reach between 90 and 100% of all data recoveries. However, there is no way to prove that these companies are real (they are often people who are working from home or are engaged in part-time data recovery). Sometimes, they are also companies, with IT professionals, or computer professionals, who have acquired some type of software available in the market, however, with little or no knowledge of the cases of more complex data recovery, such as reprogramming the firmware, system area repair, semiconductor removal, re-programming and repair, head battery changes, etc.


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